Updated: 21/12/2017

Solution provider

SHADES TOURS found a way to break through the vicious cycle of homelessness - by creating jobs that are designed for homeless people and their requirements and needs.

SHADES TOURS organizes alternative guided walking tours – in English and German - in Vienna.

Far away from the main tourism sights, SHADES TOURS offers another perspective on the city and highlights the unseen challenges of homeless people. And whom – if not people homeless people themselves – could inform better?

SHADES TOURS is therefore a unique social business which employs homeless people to become alternative tour guides and helps them to escape homelessness. On the other hand, participants such as children, students, adults, companies and tourists gain insightful knowledge, which makes them strive for a change within society. 

It is time for SHADES TOURS to grow internationally. Therefore we would like to see a SHADES TOURS Manchester being implemented in the course of the next year.

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