Wandering cafe VeloBloud

Updated: 15/12/2017

Solution provider

The wandering café VeloBloud is a stylish café on a tricycle offering quality coffee in the spitit of last-century icecream bikers---where the emloyees are, however, homeless.

It aims to provide active aid to homeless people trying to get out of their inauspicious situation, and to awaken the feeling of responsibility in them not only for their own fate, but for the fate of others in need, as well. It is a platform that helps to understand this social group and to destroy the wall, which separates them fom society---as the café is a traditional place for meetings, discussions, and social education.

The goal of our project is to make these people and their world visible to others. For one thing, we are trying to take away the prejudices of the society about this social group, and for another, we want to help homeless people to get back on track for good. However, it is not a charity – we strongly believe that a major part of the homeless people are able to work hard and well if they are sufficiently supported and motivated.

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