Wandering cafe VeloBloud

A solution by Wandering cafe VeloBloud submitted to Breaking the cycle of homelessness

The wandering café VeloBloud is a stylish café on a tricycle offering quality coffee in the spitit of last-century icecream bikers---where the emloyees are, however, homeless.

(Pitched: 16/12/2017)

One Page Summary


The goal of our project is to make these people and their world visible to others. For one thing, we are trying to take away the prejudices of the society about this social group, and for another, we want to help homeless people to get back on track for good. However, it is not a charity – we strongly believe that a major part of the homeless people are able to work hard and well if they are sufficiently supported and motivated.


Therefore, our vision is to combine the world of the homeless with hard work and as good services as possible – the strong contrast between the two environments can remove the division wall between the two worlds by helping people to understand that these worlds are much closer to each other than we generally think.

To achieve this goal, we have come up with a platform that is a universal catalyst of new relationships as well as an everyday routine of pleasant social interaction – a mobile café in the form of a tricycle, something like ice-cream vendors of the past.


  • The “cyclo-platform” will ensure a low cost of job creation and maintenance. Our employees – the homeless people – will be motiva- ted not only by the amount of their wage, which is based on the takings, but also by the responsibility towards other homeless people. The thing is that they are required to contribute to the creation of another job from the profit generated by sales.
  • Even after these people meet all requirements for long-term co-operation – i.e. they will have already contributed to creation of two jobs – they will be under contractual obligation to engage in charity work for several hours a week, which will be their way of contributing to the improvement of
    this group´s standard of living.


We are well aware of the fact that our project cannot solve the problem of homelessness in general – still, we believe that its social effect can be of essential value. It has a potential to change the attitude of the society to the homeless and can foster a an active, socially responsible group of ex-homeless people. Step by step, we may well be able to widen our offer – in the future, we plan to sell other goods in this way in various towns of the country.


Thanks to the contacts we have established with coffee roasting companies, our coffee will be of exclusive quality. The training of our staff will take place with the assistance of professional baristas.