Updated: 10/11/2017

Solution provider

Kiunsys provides cities and mobility agencies with the SAP® of urban mobility: the platform that optimizes the urban mobility management by integrating regulations, processes, on-field systems, citizen services and payments for the access, transit and parking of vehicles and people.

Kiunsys designs and manufactures HW / SW / IoT technologies for the economically, socially and environmentally sustainable management of urban mobility, supporting cities and utilities to implement Smart Mobility, Smart Parking, City Logistics.

Spin-off of the University of Pisa, Kiunsys has become one of the main players in the Smart Mobility market and ITS industry:

- 40 Italian and European cities of any size (Florence, Naples, Verona, Pisa, Pavia, Bucharest, Hamburg) use our solutions every day

- Cited as one of the leading providers of smart parking solutions in the EU by Frost & Sullivan

- Technological and commercial partnership with Deutsche Telekom AG that selected Kiunsys as its partner for parking management technologies in Germany, starting with the city of Hamburg

- Consolidating its market positioning: over the past few years Kiunsys has been awarded some of the main public tenders issued by Italian City Councils for innovative mobility solutions, overcoming well-established competitors such as Autostrade Tech, Telecom Italia, Vodafone, Kapsch TrafficCom 

Kiunsys solutions help cities and mobility agencies to optimize personal and vehicular mobility flows in the urban area through the organic redesign of processes, infrastructures and technologies for the management, control and monitoring of urban mobility regulations for the access, transit and parking in the city center, as well as for the service provisioning to the citizen, with the aim to reduce congestion, waste of time and fuel, thus improving accessibility and making life quality more enjoyable.

Our Internet of Things technologies, which fall under the broader scope of ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems, allow to quickly experiment and deploy innovative services for citizens, businesses and public administrations based on achieving economic, environmental and social sustainability, for cities with low environmental impact, low energy consumption, low incidence rates, and higher productivity levels.

Kiunsys portfolio includes 7 products, internally designed and developed that can be combined to create more than 20 sustainable urban mobility solutions tailored to the diverse needs of cities:

- INES Cloud, recognized as the urban mobility SAP®: a software platform for the integrated management of policies, payments, control, on-field systems, and providing citizens with a simplified 24-hour access to any mobility service.

- PSS - Parking Spot Sensor: Wireless sensors to detect the occupancy of on-street parking bays

- Mobility Pass and Mobility Gates RFID: RFID Devices for Vehicle Identification and Tracking

- Tap & Park, MOBU, Smart Fines: 3 mobile apps for parking payment, infoparking services, commercial vehicle monitoring, and parking control.

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