global pipe inspection with an innovative probe

A solution by Extalia submitted to Water consumption savings

Extalia provides global diagnosis of water pipe network with an innovative device called SAM-P. This new device highlights any anomalies (leakage, soiling, linear hydraulic head loss etc. …) of the inspected water pipeline. This type of diagnostics opens a new preventive and curative approach in the management of water networks for our customers.

(Pitched: 14/12/2017)

One Page Summary

Extalia has been developing an innovative device, SAM-P, in order to inspect water pipelines. This product (usable for raw, drinking, waste water and heat water pipelines), is autonomous, non-motorized and moves forward thanks to water velocity. Relatively simple to insert and extract from water pipelines, this device allows to do a global water pipeline inspection over a long distance, quickly and without disruption. Extalia provide diagnosis with a preventive or currative way.
The inspection of a pipe with the SAM-P product is a procedure which consists in realizing internal measurements of pressure and temperature at high resolution.It is thus necessary to introduce it into a pipe in functioning without stopping manoeuvre. The higher the speed of the fluid is, the faster the probe will proceed and will inspect a long distance in shorter time
The SAM-P probe measures and records dynamic profiles of the fluid’s pressure and temperature as it progresses within the pipe. The diagnosis relies on the interpretation of these profiles highlighting any anomalies (leakage, soiling, linear hydraulic head loss etc. …)