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Challenge description

The issues related to water involve challenges going beyond the territory of Grand Narbonne but which can be an economic lifeline for a community, therefore of public money.

The Urban Community of Grand Narbonne has made the choice for the development of its sustainability and also for working on all subjects concerning water: reuse of wastewater, watering of vines.

The challeng lies in identifying the best solutions of doing savings in water consumption, and in particular upstream, by working on detecting the water leaks in the case of underground networks. The selected solution will be the one that Grand Narbonne will be able to test on its territory, but having as well a broader dimension, which may also potentially interest private partners such as VEOLIA[1].

This action does not directly affect the general public but rather improves the quality of services provided by local administration/ government and therefore there are financial repercussions in stake that will certainly have an indirect financial impact on the population. Within the Urban Community of Grand Narbonne, we have a service dedicated to water and we participate in research programs developed within this field, in connection with INRA[2]. With regards to the solution provider that will be able to take up this challenge, the idea is to make from our territory, a territory of experimentation for the solution provider and we can be the reference for this company.

[1] Veolia is a French multinational, world leader in collective services

[2] French public establishment, in charge of agronomic research.

Target community and Location

    • This This solution must be proposed on the geographical area of the territory of Grand Narbonne; the solution must be scalable on all territories and also in relation to the problems of private partners.
    • Municipalities: city, Public institution of inter-municipal co-operation (EPCI in French), private partners: all the structures that are in charge of the underground water networks
    • Water and its networks is an area of competence of Grand Narbonne, but the main idea is to go beyond, involve the private actors and have a benefit for our citizens. 


    • This challenge addresses a common environmental problem and a national issue: saving water, and this can go through the detection of unidentified leaks.
    • Grand Narbonne objective is to launch a full-scale test for the identified solution in conjunction with partners from our territory.
    • The team will be made up of the project bearer and the entire technopolitan structure that will accompany the solution provider in this challenge. 


    • We are looking for new methods that allow a real economy, on a large scale: a precise identification of the leak, allowing a precise intervention.
    • A scalable solution, practical with a high precision in the detection of the leak


    • The project team will help identify the best solution, providing it with all the necessary information in order to match the requirements of this challenge. Information about previous work, coaching and connections to potential partners will be provided (Innovéum incubator, the departmental consular chambers) will make sure that the solution provider will benefit from a turnkey support.
    • In addition, a technical committee will be set up within the Grand Narbonne in order to develop together with the solution provider the best tool for the target population. In this way the tool will be tested on a regional scale and 100% adapted to our needs.
    • It will also be possible to envisage a follow-up and a privileged connection with the water service of Grand Narbonne. Moreover our association with VEOLIA on the territory would make it possible to link the Solution Provider with a partner having a greater influence

    Full description of the challenge here :

    The Challenge Owner

    Grand Narbonne Communauté d’Agglomération

    Urban Community. The territorial area of Grand Narbonne comprises 37 municipalities in the department of Aude( Occitania region, France) along the Mediterranean Sea and covering a territory of 93 km².