The Conscious Trolley

Updated: 02/01/2018

Solution provider

Encouraging Social Responsiblity and Change

“The Conscious Trolley” is an online social responsibility hub where conscious people and organizations can interact to explore new ways they can contribute to positive social change.

Driven by a pragmatist approach, a central element of the platform is that of encouraging social responsibility by providing various types of incentives and demonstrating the personal as well as shared benefits from one’s involvement.

Still in its development phase, it currently prepares to launch an online mechanism that demonstrates how “conscious commerce” can be the new smart way of being more “profitable” for ourselves, the society, and the planet.

Integrated with the above is also a crowdsourcing component where different community stakeholders can collaboratively contribute in the organization of common benefit “Social Projects”.

People’s and organizations’ contribution is reported on profile pages created specifically for this purpose, what we call “Conscious Folios” or “Confolios”.

Run as a social business, the aim of the platform is not to maximize profit, as in traditional business practices, but instead, maximize social impact.

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