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Updated: 14/04/2018

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Belgium is a social network providing a secure, collaborative, community-based tool adapted for people with disabilities affected by motor, intellectual, cognitive, visual or auditory impairments, people with chronic illnesses and their families. is a place where people experiencing the same physical and psychological situations can meet, share, improve their daily lives and protect themselves against the commercialisation or malicious use of their data. a tool to defend our values.

Meeting: Thanks to regional geolocation combined with searching based on pathology criteria, users can make contact with other people living in the same geographical, social, medical and legislative environment (social security, reimbursement, treatment etc.). This means a user with an illness, disability or ill family member can transform a virtual contact into a face-to-face meeting and discussion with someone in a similar situation.

Sharing: As a thematic social network focused on issues relating to illness and/or disability, emphasises the importance of solidarity and mutual support between its users. Sharing is thus a vital component in helping people who are experiencing difficult situations involving the illness or disability they are faced with. Sharing experience is one of the four fundamental values of the social network.

Improving: Drawing value from the experiences of all users can contribute to thinking about how to improve the care they receive in hospital or in the home. When facing chronic illness, disability or family life, understanding and analysis are necessary to ensure better care for all at all stages of the condition's development (first signs, treatment, returning home etc.). This expertise contributed by users is taken into account so that it can be shared with medical teams in hospital and in the community.

Protecting: Going beyond the current European legislation on protecting medical information, is driven by the priority it places on security and confidentiality. Using any social network results in the transfer of important medical and personal information. This is an inherent and inevitable consequence of using the Internet. Generalist social networks do not guarantee the protection of users' medical and private details. guarantees that all information exchanged via its platform is anonymous and provides cybersecurity tailored to the specific needs of its users.

For minors, people with extended minority status and people affected by intellectual and cognitive impairments, offers a safe environment with a direct link to the user's parents or guardian. Organised control provides a social network learning experience while ensuring the user is safe from malicious attitudes of other users.

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