Updated: 21/12/2017

Solution provider

Weak traceability of expiration dates on food products & low supervision of these deadlines in stores prevent to detect early enough food products that could be offered to disadvantaged communities. TAGsparency aims at offering a range of connected solutions using Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to connect food products with short shelf life with people who could be interested in them.

Active in the ICT field and more precisely in the FoodTech industry, we are 8 young professionals of 5 different nationalities - all with past entrepreneurial experiences - ready to launch an ambitious project aiming at improving the global food system.

Project Name: TAGsparency
►Empowering Trust in Food
►Building Unprecedented Food Safety Features
►Enabling Food Waste Mitigation while connecting supermarkets with persons in need in a relevant manner, using blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Today, 30% of the food produced by our planet is wasted. This includes food in supermarkets where products with short remaining shelf life are not easily monitored and cannot be distributed to communities in need before it's too late. Monitoring automatically the expiration dates of products and pushing notifications to both stores and interested parties (consumers in need, charity organizations) is one of the many other features we would like to develop in the TAGsparency project. 

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