António Nunes

Joined: 05/12/2017


I am a mining engineer, entrepreneur and services supplier on matters of mining, innovation management and adult education.
After my degree in mining engineering at University of Porto, I worked at Somincor/Rio Tinto in Portugal and Australia. I then took an entrepreneurial shift to my career by first doing a masters in technology and technology commercialization for which I took my specialist diploma at IST in Lisbon. With an American colleague I founded Magna Artis in 2000 dedicated to e-commerce. Worked for IST technology transfer and Business Innovation Centre, between 2002 and 2011. In partnership with Portuguese Ministry of Education implemented the course “Educação para o empreendedorismo” course for Portuguese teachers. Between 2012 and 2015 served the Erasmus National Agency on the sectors of professional and adult learning.
Currently working at Freethinkers Consulting, a small enterprise working in the field of mining engineering and innovation management.

My roots are set in Viseu where I was born and raised in a family of mining entrepreneurs and my professional experience reinforced the understanding of the importance of creating a long-lasting value for people inhabiting areas of explored natural resources. The capacitation of residents and moreover young generations, is essential for future development of vibrant societies and inter-generation relations and sustainability. This preoccupation has been the centre of my activity since 2002, with the development of several European projects to support innovation and entrepreneurship under the umbrella of CPIN. During that time, it was also possible to support 32 entrepreneurial projects and understand the true value of innovation and human ingenuity.

Works at:

Freethinkers Consulting, Lda

Solution provider

Twitter username: @AntonioN_62