Eric Klausch

Joined: 25/11/2017


My aim is to inspire people's lives, set signs against resignation and racism, live christian faith authentically and empower young people to be active, bold and hopeful designers of their communities.

Last year I was representing the German youth at the General Assembly of the United Nations as a Youth Delegate.

As a global citizen I decided to take over local responsibility. Four years ago I initiated the initiative Power On in the rural area of Central Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Federal State in East Germany). We have organized four childrencamps already. The team grew and with more than 50 young volunteers we start seven projects for next year:

- Childrencamp

- Youth-Construction-Camp

- Festival; Social Academy

- Exchange with South Africa 

- Exchange with Tanzania

- Cape2Cape (Solar-powered Campervan going from North Europe to South Africa, visiting social projects on the way). 

I have studied Individual Studies at the Leuphana University Lüneburg and I am currently studying Managing Knowledge, People and Change in Lund, Sweden.

Works at:

Power On

Solution provider

Power On

Solution provider