MentorProgramma Friesland - Friesland College

Updated: 15/01/2018

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MentorProgramma Friesland is a school-based mentoring programme that matches young people with mentors from the world of work and follow-up studies, based on the learning goal of students and the unique life-, school- and work experience of mentors.

Mentoring is a globally well-known tool for schools, businesses and organisations to guide people to their success. In the province of Friesland in North of The Netherlands, mentoring was introduced in 1997 as an extracurricular method of collaboration between education and the business world.

MentorProgramma Friesland provides additional guidance to young people in vocational education. The programme relies on the voluntary contribution of socially successful citizens, men and women who have personally experienced how to find their way in social life, in education and in career. In other words, people who can be seen as role models. Mentors are, just like students, from all walks of life. Some have had a glorious career and some are just beginning. What binds them is the life experience, the expertise they have and the passion to share it with others.

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