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Updated: 19/12/2017

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MOAI Foundation initiative called UP! aims to restore the social connection between young and older people. We want to see a society in which people of all ages are seen as valuable. ‘Young’ is nowadays dominant in most media and marketing. Regrettably, ideas and insights of older people get little airtime. With UP! people can talk about needs, feelings and ideas.

Experience we all are unique human being, important to others. Getting older makes you more vulnerable, but that’s not only an issue of care, it’s also about being a meaningful person. Happier people need less professional care. UP! sees the performing arts as a key instrument for bringing joy and togetherness and stimulate health and self sufficient living.

We celebrate curiosity, feeding it and creating discussions, interviews and artistic programs to nourish it, and to make people experience vivid generations. Only by real and meaningful conversations will prejudices fade and new ideas pop up.

We use three key instruments to create a new vision of ageing:

  1. Talkshows: about issues relevant to people who are getting older. We bring together generations in a mix of talk, performing arts, science and innovative society changes. Positive heart-warming experiences, with a realistic and innovative view on getting older and elderly. Monthly live in Amsterdam for 240 people.
  2. Festivals, to mobilize whole communities: being present at many places at once, together with many other (expected and unexpected) stakeholders, thus demonstrating the positive movement to as many people as possible.
  3. Participating in cultural, civil society, social and policy networks we influence and mobilize at different levels.

We participate in health networks, such as ‘We the North’, Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN), the Zorg Innovatie Forum (ZIF). Together we can mobilize and influence professionals and organizations. UP! Leeuwarden organizes a two day festival, followed by a congress in Leeuwarden in November 2018.

This social and cultural event is also part of Leeuwarden as European Capital of Culture 2018 (LF2018). There will be meetings between generations on many different locations for young, old, cultural organizations, health and elderly care professionals, technology companies, entrepreneurs, social organizations and policy makers.

The objectives are:

  • changing negative prejudices towards being old and towards older people in general;
  • stimulating a new, and aspiring positive and realistic view of aging and being old;
  • honouring the value of older people in and for society;
  • talking in public about taboos about life in old age; stimulating people, whatever their age, to live life to the full;
  • showing the public and policy advisors how important arts and cultures are, giving joy in life and stimulating people to join in;
  • In this way stimulating active citizenship, for more vitality and healthier people; reaching 3000 to 5000 people, both young and older.

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