UP! will facilitate the process for Patyna to develop ideas for their new facility in the former town hall in Wommels. UP! conducts research in the community and organize three live meetings with many citizens such as the elderly, younger people, families, and other stakeholders such as sport organizations and entrepreneurs. UP! uses talk shows, divers perspectives and performing arts.

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

With this proposal, Wylde Wente, UP! will design and facilitate the process of Patyna for the development of their new facility in the former town hall in Wommels by organising research beforehand and live meetings with the inhabitants of Wommels.

By doing so UP! introduces the perspective of the elderly, of younger people, of sport organizations, of the local community and of all other possible stakeholders in the process and will present as a result a series of specific possibilities and actions for the future use of the town hall as a care center, carried by the wishes of their users: the local en regional inhabitants.


UP! believes that local en regional residents know best what they need. Patyna will benefit on short and long term from involvement from the village and its residents. The result will be sustainable, while submitted by the future users. UP! will design and facilitate for Patyna to meet, talk and interact with residents and stakeholders from the village and the region. Residents will discover what the plans of Patyna are, and what Patyna stands for. Citizens will discover what they want. In doing so they can contribute on a sustainable way to the development of care in the village, including the use of the town hall. UP! will bring also inspiration from other regions in the Netherlands, good practices from the world of art, social projects and village cooperation.

This solution fits in well in Patyna’s strategy to work with the community of the small settlements to establish a sound base for the well-being of the elderly people in these communities and combining care and welfare, housing for elderly and youngsters and activities for the community.

First we will do the fieldwork. Together with an anthropologist who now works as a journalist and organization adviser we will explore Wommels and its surroundings, finding key figures, getting an understanding of former and contemporary discussions about the future of Wommels, finding out what is known about the plans and finding out what ideas people have about the former town hall.

Secondly, we wish to organize a visit for the participants to the former town hall.

Thirdly, UP! will organising three meetings. The first meeting will be about knowledge sharing to arise awareness and get clear what the issue is exactly about. The second meeting will be about getting inspired by other ways of looking at the issue. The third get together with a large group of Wommels citizens is about defining visions for the future and concrete action.

Results are Inspiration and specific ideas

In the first place Patyna will receive loads of specific concepts and ideas for their newly acquired care estate. They will to take it from here, but of course UP! and the people involved will stay connected. In its turn Patyna will receive a group who will represent the Wommels people participating, and who will hand over the volume.