Updated: 07/05/2019

Solution provider

The company has created with the conviction and philosophy that each Beneficiaries is also our partner to whom we deal with professionalism and honesty.

MAGISTERIUM Ltd has the pleasure of maintaining a core of highly professional experts with managerial and administrative long-term experience gained in central and local administrations and/or in leading companies. Our experts usually work in small, dynamic teams formed particularly to address the technical and expert knowledge needed to perform the assigned tasks. Because of that, the company is able to propose an adequate to the needs services and to reach our clients expectations.
The implementation of each our contract starts with awareness of problems and clarification of expectations, thus we manage to plan an adequate approach and measures that satisfy or even exceed the expectations of our Beneficiaries.
We had the pleasure and privilege to achieve more than 40 certificates from our Employers issued for successful implemented services. These services ware related to project proposals preparation and management, preparation of regional and municipal documents, development of dispersion models of atmospheric air pollution, Municipal Environment protection programs, Waste management programs, technical specifications, risk assessments, financial consultations, preparation of Municipality Program for air protection and many others.
To improve the quality of our services since 2018 we have successfully implemented EN ISO9001:2015 and EN ISO14001:2015 standard.

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