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Closed challenges

The deadlines for the Challenges, below, have passed. Each attracted Pitches, some of which are now beeing developed into solutions as part of the Social Challenges Platform

Most recently closed

Youth Living and Building

Braindrain in Friesland

Jong & Ondernemend Fryslân

Deadline: 21/12/2017

Every year there are leaving more youngsters than there are moving into the province of Friesland (between 1500 and 2200). Youngsters are leaving in most cases because of school and work. The foundation Jong & Ondernemend Fryslân wants to find a solution to keep all those talented young people in the province.

Smart cities, Mobility

Find & trigger hidden entrepreneurship


Deadline: 21/12/2017

What innovative legal/social or technical instrument will help SpareSpace find & trigger hidden entrepreneurship and improve local economies?

Gender, Social inclusion Sport, Leisure and Culture

From Pubs to Hubs! Local pubs for rural economy


Deadline: 21/12/2017

To preserve local pubs in small villages in the North of the Netherlands to improve viability of rural areas.

Refugees, Migration Work and Training

Integration and economic independence of immigrants

MentorProgramma Friesland - Friesland College

Deadline: 21/12/2017

The connection between the integration and economic independence of immigrants asks for a new approach and instruments in Friesland. There is a need of developing your own competences and talents in relation to the new culture the immigrants settle in. There is a need of empowerment and re-discovering own competences, in relation to what the region can offer.


Sustainable care system for the elderly in small settlements


Deadline: 21/12/2017

How can we as Patyna develop a sustainable care system for the elderly in small settlements, in cooperation with members of the community?