Space Engagers

Updated: 21/12/2017

Solution provider

Unlocking the potential of people and data to address social and environmental challenges.

Space Engagers is a social enterprise that enables more inclusive, informed and effective decisions for social and environmental change. Space Engagers recognizes that if we are to meet the many social and ecological challenges facing society today, we first need everyone to engage and be aware of the issues, we need comprehensive and up-to-date hyper-local data, and we need new ways of doing things.

To meet these needs Space Engagers develops interactive mapping technologies that enable citizens to engage with their place and local issues. Interactive mapping technologies enables individuals to contribute observations and knowledge to a shared map and reveal the bigger picture. This approach recognizes that citizens know their place and local issues best; that they want to contribute to positive change; and that mapping is an effective mechanism for engagement. Interactive mapping technologies provide low-resource, cost-effective and adaptable solutions for customers that support meaningful and achievable change.

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