Linking Foundation

Updated: 14/04/2018

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Foundation in Support of Local Ties "Linking Foundation" - was established in 2014 in Tarnow, Poland The goals of the Foundation are to create socially useful activities for the benefit of the community as a whole: Support the development of local ties and a civil society by creating and promoting the use of modern information and communication technologies.

The Foundation realizes its goals by:
1. Organizing, financing or co-financing internet and technological projects related to the Foundation's activities,
2. Support and promotion of interdisciplinary research in the field of social, economic and technical sciences and their implementation in cooperation with economic and self-government organizations,
3. Organizing, financing or co-financing trainings, seminars, conferences, lectures, workshops, courses, meetings, symposia and informational activities aimed at developing and promoting solutions supporting the aims of the Foundation,
4. Cooperation with self-government bodies, state bodies, legal and natural persons, associations and other foundations, both in Poland and abroad,
5. Conducting media and educational activities in the field of statutory purposes, conducting programs, actions and social campaigns promoting the Foundation's aims,
6. Extensive efforts to create optimal conditions for the emergence of new local initiatives - including the provision of on-site support, advisory, expert and training services,
7. Creating infrastructure and hardware resources for developing innovative products and services to support social, economic and cultural development initiatives on the local, regional and national level.
8. Organizing and financing volunteer recruitment and training.

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