Updated: 21/12/2017

Solution provider

MVMANT is an urban mobility on-demand platform that contributes in solving the traffic congestion problem, without the need of infrastructural investment. It enables a new form of public transit service that offers a seamless door-to-door mobility, with a higher comfort and convenience of a private car, but at a lower price.

MVMANT allows the deployment of a fleet of vehicles circulating on fixed routes (like a bus) with a service on request (like a taxi).
The dispatching of vehicles is managed by AI algorithms, advanced machine learning techniques and by requests generated through the dedicated app.
This allows to dispatch the vehicles when and were needed thus match the mobility needs of citizens in the most efficient way.
By maximizing the seat occupancy ratio, revenues are increased, pollution per capita is minimized, travel time and costs are reduced significantly, making this system competitive against using and operating a private car.
MVMANT is inspired by popular and market proven paratransit solutions such as Taxi Particular, Dolmuş, Jitney, etc.
The success factors of those schemes have been studied, refined and improved by technology to make it suitable to any city.

On top of it, MVMANT offers a turnkey fidelity and targeted advertisement platform that allows to further reduce the cost of the service and create a fidelity scheme for participating businesses.
The first pilot took place in the city of Ragusa in April-May 2016 in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and has been funded by the European Commission through the program „Fiware-FrontierCities“.
MVMANT has been succesfully tested in Venezia in Q1 2017 in cooperation with the Taxi company „Cooperativa Radiotaxi Venezia-Mestre“ and it has been incubated in the Dubai Future Accelerators program, initiated by HH Sheik Hamdan and endowed with 270 Mio USD.
MVMANT has signed a contract with the Road and Transport Authority of Dubai to deploy MVMANT in Q1 2018.