Updated: 15/04/2018

Solution provider

A rewarding platform for refusal bags that boost recycling

Cyclefi offers an innovative rewarding mechanism for refusal bags for recycling and interconnects recycling performance with discounts related with household's expenses driving to appreciable savings in the household budget, while creating an ongoing engagement based on a gamified user experience.
Eventually, Cyclefi improves recycling performance practices by monitoring citizens’ overall recycling performance patterns and rewarding them with appropriate online discounts on products and services. Kind of like a GROUPON on recycling, while being a loyalty program for refusal bags. 
In doing so, Cyclefi has a online platform that transforms a previously disposable product, meaning refusal bags only for recyclables, into selected discounts letting citizens reap the financial benefits that come with the refusal bags. As a result, recycling volumes are increased, socially responsible behavioral change is fueled and savings are maximized all together creating a strong sense of community contribution. Apparently, Cyclefi creates manifold benefits for municipalities, corporate partners, recycling systems and above all citizens. Municipalities can save money every time waste is diverted from the landfills because of increased recycling, which at the bottom-line results up to € millions in savings. Recycling companies get increased recycling volumes of high quality recyclables, generating an incremental revenue.
Lastly, Cyclefi provides a superior and more complete value proposition with growth potential, as dramatically reduce the household expenses and increase the long-term consumer engagement with its rewarding mechanism per refusal bag for recycling, with the total potential savings for participating households ranging from 18% to 30% of their total expenditure.

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