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Updated: 15/04/2018

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The Free Waste S.r.l, established in September 2013, is a Start Up that uses innovative scientific knowledge of its shareholders for the year of research in the field of biology and in more detail in the field of organic waste.

The refusal in modern societies is a problem. It is thought mainly to the disposal and only a few cases for recycling. The undifferentiated accumulates so in landfills or is incinerated by incinerators. The economic and social costs for the treatment of waste in this way are under the eyes of all. The nano-particles released in incineration are carcinogenic; landfills give problems of infiltration in the soil and groundwater contamination as well as the environmental disfigurement and to the difficult reconciliation with the life of local residents. Composting facilities, which are present in very small extent in Italy (about 75) do not achieve a recycling compatible with the environment. The organic is left to ripen for about six months later, after stabilization, is sold as a soil improver. The product, however, is always composed in large percentage of harmful products such as heavy metal, plastic or glass. The production of ethanol, and for the most part except for a few exceptions, is carried out using materials reclaimed from the use of food (maize, rice, sugar cane, etc. ..). Is known as such an intervention in some parts of the world has decreased considerably cultivated land for food in favor of crops for energy use. The new concept of rejection, however, has to be one that imagines it as a resource. The selected waste should be recycled and reused.
The Free Waste S.r.l. intends to use the urban and extra-urban organic waste as a resource to obtain through a fast demolition (about 3 days) reusable products such as:
- highly organic compost as free of heavy metals (camdio, copper, zinc, etc...) and modulated in the title (percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium);
- bio-plastics;
- ethanol;
- other utilities in the course of experimentation.

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