Updated: 10/04/2018

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We are an austrian social business that has a focus on economic and cultural integration of migrants.

The association "Gain&sustain:europe" was founded in 2009 in Graz, Austria, and exists at the moment of 15 enthusiastic young people at the age between 18 and 35 years. The organisation aims to support social, economic and ecological sustainability in Europe and also developing countries all over the world. In the centre of our activity, it stands the desegregation of politics, society and economy with youngsters in the global context and the step into an open dialogue and a generation of valuable common strategies for the present and the future. As our major task we see the interlinking and consultation of youngsters in connection with international, multicultural events and EU projects to promote a raise of awareness in the direction of tolerance, EU citizenship and cultural diversity with the generation of tomorrow. The main objective of the association is the interlinking of single organisations and individuals, above all youngsters, around subjects like sustainability and social entrepreneurship in order to give space to innovation & creativity and to allow a peaceful intercultural dialogue based on European values.

We are partners in different projects about integration of migrants, specifically about integration of migrants in the labour market. One of the most important is the project “DRIM” in the frame of Interreg Transnational Program, where we cooperate with 8 different countries in order to create an information tool that it will improve the communication flows between public authorities, NGOs and migrants. We are also acting as expert partners in the project “InCommon” to improve the cultural citizenship of women with migrant background in the frame of Asylum, Migration and Integration Fond. At regional level, Gain&Sustain is implementing also a mentoring program with asylum seekers, in order to help them to find an apprenticeship in Austria.
Previously, Gain&Sustain:europe has also implemented successfully different projects on peace education, intercultural dialogue and conflict management and mediation in intercultural environments.

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