La Coopérative Indigo

Updated: 27/03/2018

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Indigo is a new economic system based on Sharing and Generosity.
Users and NGO can exchange services and goods thanks to our virtual currency : Digo. An advanced matching system matches people in need with those who can help them, through a mobile application or a web platform.

Geolocalization allows users to exchange locally but also internationally. Indigo is currently available in four countries: Greece, Portugal, Ivory Coast and France. Our objective is to create social links and to rise users income thanks to a system based on generosity.
Moreover, our virtual currency (Digo) is universal. It can therefore be exchanged anywhere and initiate international mutual assistance.
Indigo is not just an application for exchanging goods and services. Users have the opportunity to become volunteer for an association, to valorise their skills or also to have a positive impact on the society. Associations can find volunteers for their events and disseminate their actions. Moreover, we offer them the possibility to analyse their activity thanks to our impact studies. Indeed, each year we will provide them with a detailed assessment of their activity.

Finally, the whole Indigo project is boosted thanks to the implementation of a unique enhancement system: Goodvibes. It's an indicator measuring the generosity of our users and which rank them according to how many goods, services or help they give. Therefore, the more users give services, goods or help, the more they receive in return.

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