Coocrea Contenidos

Updated: 13/03/2018

Solution provider

Our goal: to excite and attract students so that their participation in training does not feel like an obligation, and that its value is always clear to them. Content that is personalized to each student’s field and stories that interest them is how we get close to them.

COOCREA is a small big company.

During the last decade, everyone has been concerned about the user experience. We believe that just as we care about giving our clients a unique experience, we have to give our employees an unparalleled experience.

Our formula: Storytelling + Gamification to attract, entertain and engage. Any area of ​​your company can tell its own intriguing story, whatever its field. Using these two ingredients each story will have maximum effect.

S+G = E * E

Storytelling = People love stories. For thousands of years, they have been the perfect way to transmit knowledge and fix it in the collective memory.

Gamification = Using the stimuli and mechanics of games is not new in training: through play, we learn and memorize better, and achieving goals and responding to incentives encourages us to keep going without losing interest.

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