Updated: 14/04/2018

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Icebreaker is a game-based learning organization that aims to increase the employability of its community members by developing skills that can improve their lifestyles. Our alumni are capable youth, eager to generate a positive transformation in their lives and in the world, ahead of their time.

The battle we chose
From all the battles of the world, we chose to invest in youth who want to invest in themselves. We support them on their road to self-discovery and development through games, mentoring, creative projects or innovative initiatives that have personal and social impact. All this with the wish that they will capitalize on the passions, talents and skills uncovered and grown, in order to make a positive change in the world ahead of their time.

We focus on skills of the future, employability and entrepreneurial spirit
We create contexts and games that help the participants find out what type of work and what professional trajectory suit them. Thus, we increase employability, contributing to solving a real, social problem: integration in society. Our games are for 10 to 35 year olds. We organize projects on age groups and the main goals are to play, connect and learn something new. In the future, the games we design will be mass-produced. Anyone will be able to buy and play them and even recreate the Icebreaker community spirit in their tribe.

Our games and projects are structured around 6 main pillars: 
• Emotional intelligence
• Creativity and innovation
• Critical thinking and problem solving
• Digital fluency
• Communication and collaboration
• Ideal career discovery

Our story:
We started Icebreaker from our drive to refresh the love for learning, to prove that learning can be tons of fun if we play with it. We created a playground for 10-35 y.o. where they fall in love with learning and increase their change adaptability. Thus, Icebreaker is a space concept + game-based learning programs + cool game facilitators. 

Vision and work guidelines:
Our long-term vision is to create a game-based learning community that owns original learning games patents that can be shared with other daring people who would like to reproduce the Icebreaker recipe in other cities. Until then, we focus on attracting resources to design games and to implement them with as many participants as possible. We welcome partners who want to contribute and dare to believe that game-based learning can change lives. Our main priorities and success measurement criteria are the game participants and the game supporters.
Our work guidelines are: quality, applicability, friendship and joy.

Our promise + working model
We implement learning workshops though custom-made games, with reasonable costs and on time. We combine bulletproofed recipes from US and Western Europe, with our local expertise of over 10 years in the field, to implement attractive and fun learning projects. We partner with specialists from different countries to cover a wide variety of development needs the youth have.

With whom we worked before
Our team members have 30+ years of experience together, have done projects with and for Fortune 200 companies, multinationals’ Romanian subsidiaries or international NGOs (AIESEC, BEST, Zero Generation, etc.) to overachiever mompreneurs and solopreneurs.

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