Cybertech SRL

Updated: 13/04/2018

Solution provider

We are specialized in custom tailored web and mobile solutions targeting primarily startups and SMEs. Launched in 1999 we have delivered over 300 projects to our customers who in turn rewarded us with a retention rate of over 90%.

Cybertech comes from the old greek word "kybernetes" which means helmsman or pilot. Therefore from inception we saw ourselves as pilots for our clients, guiding them on the vast ocean of web technologies.

With this mindset we have always built long-term relationships with our clients and always approached their projects as if they are our own. 

Over the past 18 years we have finished hundreds of projects ranging from ecommerce solutions, ERPs, CRMs to online marketplaces and custom social media platforms. 

One type of projects we always liked doing were online eLearning platforms. We started with Pcues, a small project to help US students read correctly and went on to develop a tool to create online evaluations, a student - teacher mentorship program, a class management system for education centers and we even put everything together into a fully fledged eLearning system. 

We truly believe that education in the 21st century can truly benefit from the online technologies and we would like to continue to build such systems in the future as well.

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