Asociatia Young Initiative

Updated: 04/04/2018

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What we do can be summarised in 4 words which motivate us every day: empowering people through education. We believe that a strong education is the key to an open, more equal and developed society, focusing on 3 main areas of work: Social, Youth, NGO Development.

We are the Young Initiative Association from Romania and we were founded in 2009. In time, we realised what we do best: empowering people through education. And that’s what we try to do every day with the support of a wonderful team of volunteers from Romania and abroad.

We empower orphaned children to become more independent and creative, we empower young people to discover their potential and live up to it, we empower charity organizations throughout Romania to become better at what they are doing and improve their communities.

We offer critical educational support to institutionalised children, as well as developing public policies to support those in need.

We empower young people by engaging them in learning mobilities at home and abroad, but also through creative spaces and structured dialogue.


Civil society is the heart of a country, so we support its development by providing educational tools, knowledge, infrastructure and training. Innovation is at the heart of our activities when supporting nonprofit organizations. Among others, we created the first board game for NGO strategic planning in Europe (RePlan), as well as the first MOOC course on Sustainable NGO Management in Romania.

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