Ivan Patzaichin Association – Mila 23

Updated: 15/10/2017

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The „Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23” Association develops sustainable solutions to promote local development projects and eco-tourism, taking on the mission of assisting the Delta and its inhabitants to get the attention they deserve, allowing them to preserve their traditions and protect a pristine habitat.

Danube Delta is the best preserved delta in Europe. The most significant physical and ecological feature of the Delta is its vast expanse of wetlands, including lakes and ponds, streams and channels. There are protected areas in the delta where no economic activities are allowed, and areas for ecological rehabilitation, areas for economic activities, and buffer zones where tourist activities are permitted as long as the environment is protected. Due to its ecological significance, the economic and social challenges faced by the area require a special strategy in order to guide sustainable development in the region.

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