Izibac digital learning hub

A solution by Ascendia S.A. submitted to Izibac: learning made fun

Meet IZIBAC. An educational hub for both teachers and kids. The platform is a modern web tool constructed to facilitate easy dissemination of baccalaureate educational content to high school kids.

(Pitched: 14/04/2018)

One Page Summary

An educational platform must successfully address the needs of its users. IZIBAC is a specialized platform made to satisfy the needs of a particular user, the one in search of baccalaureate educational modules. Be it to begin preparing from scratch for the national examination or to improve on already learnt concepts, the user will find the needed help on the platform.

The IZIBAC digital learning nexus is the “web” component of the entire educational project.
It aims to fulfil the following roles:
-    Starting point. It is the first contact of the user with the IZIBAC ecosystem.
-  Launcher of exercises/activities. The list of the educational modules (be them video or interactive) is shown and filtered here based on given categories.
-  Information vehicule. Concerned with relevant news regarding the baccalaureate and the baccalaureate environment.
-    Connection point. Functions as an admin area for future mobile educational apps.

Because there is no nationwide consensus regarding software technologies and hardware configurations for schools, one of the main needs of the project is that the content - either video or interactive, to be accessible on a plethora of devices. It is indeed both a need of software technology and of hardware one. The devices supported by the platform are computers, tablets, interactive school blackboards and smartphones equipped with a modern web browser.

HTML5 - Although at first glance HTML5 is a web technology (that requires a browser), an application written in this way can be packaged into a container that transforms it into a native application. The main drawback is only one and often negligible: loss of performance (fluidity). Considering the profile of the IZIBAC project and Ascendia’s experience in learning platforms, we decided to use HTML5 technology.  

The main functionalities addressed on the platform are found in 6 key sections:

1.  Content - visualization and selection of educational content

2.  Achievements - a place where to store and visualize rewards given in the educational modules

3.  My account - Tracking of content visualization progress

4.  Subscriptions - the place where the users can buy subscriptions depending on the needed period or the selected packages (independent of time).

5.  About Us - the description of the IZIBAC team

6. News - relevant articles concerning the national examination and added content by the teachers.