E-learning Ecosystem

A solution by Cybertech SRL submitted to Izibac: learning made fun

Building an online eLearning platform that will alleviate the problems with high school education in Romania by leveraging the power of online communities to deliver powerful, engaging courses in a format that will keep students interested to follow through with the learning process and improve their grades for the Bacalaureat, the high school finishing exam in Romania

(Pitched: 14/04/2018)

One Page Summary

To solve the education challenge in Romania we need a novel approach to how we educate our students. We need to turn boring hour-long classroom lectures into accessible, interesting multimedia experiences that will get students excited about learning. Furthermore we need to provide real-time feedback about their progress, we need them to be able to engage in the learning experience at any time and any place of their choosing.

To succeed however in this endeavor on a broad scale it is not enough to build an eLearning system where content is provided by a select few specialists and is delivered in a singular fashion.

Instead we propose to create an E-LEARNING ECOSYSTEM where teachers, students, marketers and other developers work together to grow and improve the system. The teachers will become content providers by providing online multimedia lessons and tests, students will choose and rate the content they access in a freemium model and through a public and free-to-access API the platform will allow marketers and developers to come up with new and intriguing ways to deliver the content to our students.

The teachers will be incentivised to create high quality courses by earning royalties through a freemium system. They will determine themselves which part of their courses will be free and how much to charge for the rest.

On the other hand, students will try out the free lessons before they buy access to the entire course and they will award a score for the free section and a review for the paid one. This way the community itself will select the best online courses and reward the best content providers.

In addition, through the API we will solve the big problem any eLearning application faces: lack of content. Through the public API we will make all free content available to anyone who wants to use it and offer referral fees for any students they redirect to our platform.

The E-LEARNING ECOSYSTEM is self-sustainable because everybody wins. The teachers will earn royalties on the lessons they provide, the students will get access to high-quality education for less money than private tuition would cost and our partners that will help expand the system will have free access to a growing database of online content. 

The application will consist of three interfaces and a public API.

Content Provider Interface

This interface is primarily aimed at teachers who will provide the content for our eLearning system. 

Teachers can:
- create courses organized by curricula, matter and chapters
- upload lessons (video, description)
- create quizzes (questions and answers tagged by lesson and difficulty)
- view revenue and request payments in lieu of their earned credits

Student Interface

The students will:
- search the library of courses
- watch the free lessons of each course
- grade the quality of the course based on the free lessons
- pay for full access to access the paid section of any course
- review the courses they bought, keeping track of the progress within the course
- take several types of quizzes utilizing different gamification techniques to keep them interested
- earn points and compete against other students in their school, city, region or country based on their online activities
- review their progress

The Marketer interface

- can create referral codes
- can review earnings on each referral code
- can request payment of the earnings

The public API

Through the public API developers will:
- access courses filtered by curricula, matter, chapter, author, review score
- access free lessons within courses
- access lists of questions filtered by curricula, matter, chapter, course, author
- access responses filtered by curricula, matter, chapter, course, author 

We plan to work together with the challenge owner to promote the application to teachers and create the initial content and to run pilot projects to improve the solution as well as to promote it.