A solution by OCCUPIAMOCI APS submitted to From job seekers to job creators!

This project has the purpose to create a cooperative Company to employee disadvantage workers

(Pitched: 13/04/2018)

One Page Summary

The 2018 Project

We are convinced that, through cooperation, from a simple aggregation of ideas we can achieve a concrete development of services or real production, with an entrepreneurial increase of the various ideas.
The Project to set up a Social Cooperative, an Incubator core of Units (Start-Up), is underway.
The existing Groups will become Units of the Social Cooperative Incubator, thus creating jobs to help unemployed persons, really the objective of the Association OCCUPIAMOCI. In particular, the most important goal is to constitute the SOS Families Unit, that must be of help to the single people or families who can not afford essential services, but also to allow people who have lost their jobs to be able to provide services that give them immediate source of income money to solve their primary problem of the moment.