Restart Your EntreprenEUrship

A solution by Acli provinciali di Bologna submitted to From job seekers to job creators!

A new way of life in Bologna: Restart Your EntreprenEUrship has the aim of valuing the entrepreneurial experiences belonging to the asylum seekers, Italian people and migrants, who are currently unemployed and feel discouraged. The answer to the work market crisis isn't only the seek of a subordinate or unskilled employment. Through the skills analysis we can reuse them for the business creation.

(Pitched: 13/04/2018)

One Page Summary

A new way of life in Bologna: restart your entrepreneurship is the summary and the goal of the project, which begins from the verification that, in particular in the case of migrants, the job offers (or opportunities dealing with vocational training) in Bologna are targeted to the research of a subordinate employ, or hardly unskilled positions; on the other hand, there are a lot of migrant people and asylum seekers who have been entrepreneurs in their country or had also elevated professional.
Because of this situation, their need to live a better life, after migrating from their countries, is not fulfilled and even the necessity of our country to create business and therefore work is not fulfilled too.
This waste of both, resources and skills, involves in addition Italian job seekers, in particular women, Neet, long term unemployed people, young and aged workers and others vulnerable people. A lot of workers, in fact, because of the crisis regarding the work market, are expulsed from the employment, whereas others are never not admitted to it.
Moreover, there is a lot of stigmatization about the image of foreign workers: some people, belonging to a determinate country, can do only a determinate kind of work.
We want to start a change dealing with the status of unemployed and unskilled perspective offered to the job seekers target involved in the project. We collect availability to participate to this project, involving the network of associations, institutions, cooperatives and other entities which participate to the institutional partnership of Acli.
The skills analysis of the participants is focused on taking up their career, starting from the reuse of the professional and soft skills of the participants for the business creation.
Their skills are tested concretely on the way, through the use of spaces as artisan laboratories, kitchens and so on, where they can test themselves concretely. In small teams or on their own, the job seekers will be watched, helped and supported by expert managers, who will guide them in the activity. In this way we can collect proofs and evidences (through photos, videos, demonstrations, etc.) concerning their abilities and skills, useful for an eventual certification of the latter from Regione Emilia Romagna, which represents an important Institution in charge in this field.
We can imagine the territorial production chain in which the business idea is involved.
Throughout sessions managed with focus groups and brain storming, in compliance to participants, entrepreneurs and their associations, we will focus the potential networking, the production chains and the necessity of activating new services chains in according to the net; for instance, we can consider the need to create an educative service destined to the children of job seekers involved, especially women busy because of their own business. The path will finish with a public event, involving the participants and stakeholders of in this project and during which all the business ideas will be showed.
In particular, the association “Acli” will deal with the follow up of projects, supporting the business ideas during the whole process, from business plan to the eventual implementation and microcredit access.
This kind of service could become institutional and perhaps continuative for the association, using their own resources (experts or qualified volunteers). The results will be communicated by the Acli press office through the institutional social medias, represented by on and offline channels of the Association.
In the city of Bologna, there are some help desks to support job seekers, but none organic careers in order to help this unemployed and fragile workers to support themselves to find a job, in line with their expectations and skills, especially with a particular focus to entrepreneurship. 

Starting from the acronym of the project, the logo represents spikes of rye. The rye is a cereal to grow thoroughly, but it is resistant and bears many fruits as well, even when turned, same as our business ideas. It is no coincidence that also a famous coming-of-age novel is called "The Catcher in the Rye": in this case, the rye represents an ordeal to go through in order to complete the fully personal fulfillment.