The aim to Indigo is to re-establishing social ties and to revolutionize the access to goods and services through a social network about mutual help. Users can exchange all objects and services they need thanks to a virtual currency : Digo. Indigo allows also to NGO to ask the help of volunteers for their actions and to get goods required for their events.

(Pitched: 12/04/2018)

One Page Summary

Indigo is a new economic system based on sharing and generosity.

Users can exchange services and goods thanks to a virtual currency : the Digo. An advanced matching system matches people in need with those who can help them through a mobile application and web platform.

Associations can receive the help from users as volunteers and can also receive goods for their events.
Geolocalization allows users to exchange locally but also internationally. Indigo is currently available in four countries: Greece, Portugal, Ivory Coast and France. Our objective is to create social cohesion and to increase users income thanks to our virtual currency (the Digo).

At the same time users have the opportunity to become a volunteer for an association, having a positive impact on the society. Associations create multiple events and disseminate their actions and measure their impact thanks to the impact report of the platform.

Users are ranked by their Goodvibes coefficient, measured by how many people they helped, the number of different people they helped, the number of humanitarian causes they participated and the average references written by other users.