ADITESS proposes the development of the SYNDRAMO platform!

Each year, thousands of complaints are filed to municipality officials, mainly over the phone, with the municipality reporting that 85% are being satisfied; according to their latest statistics. The collection and management of complaints requires significant resources and organisation on behalf of the municipality. However, despite the tremendous efforts on behalf of municipality officers, citizens are not always aware of municipality actions. Our solution seeks to address the influx of complaints regarding waste management and noise pollution.

ADITESS proposes the development of the SYNDRAMO platform composed of a central web incident management system for use by the municipality and two different mobile applications, one for use by the public (local commercial, business stakeholders and residents) and one for municipal officers/workers. The system will allow the:
• Incident reporting (complaint filing) from the public via a simple post, comment, photo, video or GPS location filed through the mobile app. Information is forwarded in real time to the web incident management system, operated by the municipality, which then are called to evaluate the complaint.
• Filed complaints are mapped on the web incident management platform and the operator is capable of grouping multiple complaints under one incident, in case multiple complaints have been filed for the same issue.
• Statistics and Business intelligence graphs are generated automatically in the web incident management platform for performance monitoring.
• Mapping of complaints for the identification of complaint-dense areas or time periods with increased complaint influx for strategic planning and dynamic adaptation.
• Allow citizens to provide suggestions for the improvement of municipality operations.
• Municipality officers and workers through their own app will be able to file issues they encounter during their day-to-day operations, either in the form of structured reports or with a click of a soft button. This functionality will allow the proactive identification and resolution of issues without needing the citizens to take action.
• The platform in its whole is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation implementing data protection and retention policies suggested by the directive.