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Deadline: 7/15/2018 11:59:59 PM CET
Decrease social marginalization by increasing connections and improving school performances & results!


Every year 18 600 Swedish pupils fail to graduate from compulsory school (16 years old) and thereby risk a lifelong marginalization. Many of them because haven't the same opportunities as others, because of their background, social heritage, which school they end up in or their access to homework tutoring.
There are schools in Sweden where as few as 3 out of 10 pupils graduate from compulsory school. Schools where pupils have lost faith in themselves and in their future. Swedish schools are state-funded through taxes, and free for everyone. But the schools are failing to provide equal education for all. Which school you go to is beginning to determine your opportunities in life. In the latest PISA report, Sweden’s results dropped the most out of all OECD countries. But it doesn’t have to be that way!
The costs of marginalization are enormous, on so many levels. For this reason we are looking for a solution that will help us to amplify the impact of our work by supporting young students and pupils in areas where support cannot be provided constantly, to track students in needs at the very early stage, to connect both students among them and students with educators for focused tools, materials and support, to engage previous students in a buddy/supporter role and finally, to showcase best practices and key stories of success.


Insamlingsstiftelsen Läxhjälpen has stable links with the local community in Stockholm, Södertälje, Haninge, Malmö, Göteborg, Mölndal, Norrköping, Västerås, Landskrona and Helsingborg. We collaborates today with total 45 schools with big challenges located in socio-economically vulnerable areas in these cities and some of our long term partners are for example Riksbyggen, Samsung, Google, IKANO Bostad and Länsförsäkringar. 
Comparing to what we already do, the real innovative aspect that we aim to target through this challenge is tackling the remote areas and bringing innovative tools and methodology for young people engagement. 
The target group of this challenge, is the one of young pupils/ students aged from 13 to 16 that are not performing well at schools and that are in medium-high risk of lifelong social marginalization due to school low performance and drops out.


The Läxhjälpen program provides targeted and free homework tutoring, combined with mentoring for pupils who need it the most. The homework tutors are young university students and can guide the pupils through both school and life. The homework tutoring is done in small groups of five pupils per homework tutor
The Läxhjälpen program works with children who don't even know how to apply for upper secondary school, who do not know that University is free in Sweden and that all their dreams can come true. The Läxhjälpen program is aimed at schools where fewer than 70% of the pupils graduate.
We are active in eight cities across Sweden, and co-operates with and are present in 44 schools, today. Schools situated in socio-economically, challenged areas, areas were the unemployment is very high. We are today 400 employees and help over 1100 kids.
As long as the schools are failing to provide equal education we continue to work very hard so any kid will be left behind! 


We are moving towards a more and more networking community and one of the keys to our good results is the personal meeting between the student and tutor. Working in small groups routines and structure. The problem that so many children do not pass school and end up outside society just increases more and more. In the last 10 years the curve of the descending Swedish school results has fallen from 89% to 82%. So also the problem with the unequal school, the gaps have increased by 50% over the past 10 years in Sweden, where it is crucial what level of education and income your parents have how/if you succeed in/pass school. Today we help 1100 children who receive regular, personal tutoring 6 hours a week in our programme. But we want to reach much more! 


Insamlingsstiftelsen Läxhjälpen will support the eventually selected solutions providers with:
a) Information and data available already acquired;
b) Understanding of the context and key entry points for an effective adaptation of the solution
c) Connection with relevant local stakeholders 
d) Support on the pilot action to test the identified solutions.
Insamlingsstiftelsen Läxhjälpen will provide also information about its tools, methodologies, processes and system to accompany disadvantaged students in their improvement path. 
One of our partners and sponsor Samsung Electronic Nordic is very interested in starting cooperation to help us in our digitizing journey.


The Challenge complies 100% with the ethical standards.