Cassette for timescapes

Updated: 9/15/2018

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Cassette for timescapes is an independent Belgian production company that produces films and crossmedia projects with social and political engagement. In 2016 producer Emmy Oost was awarded the Flanders Cultural prize for film for producing and distributing a slate of 3 migration films that are still being screened around the world. For every film production, Cassette for timescapes equally develops an impact strategy to have the films seen by many and make a concrete impact in society. One example: with THE INVISIBLE CITY [KAKUMA] by Lieven Corthouts we aim to humanize refugees and raise awareness about unaccompanied minors, resulting in screenings in the European Parliament, in the Council of Europe, the conference Lost in Migration organized by Missing Children Europe in Malta and numerous screenings organized by partners like UNHCR, IOM, Refugees International, …
Cassette for timescapes was founded in 1997. Producer Emmy Oost is its CEO. The company has 4 employees. Timescapes wants to remain a small and flexible structure, ready to adapt to changing markets. Modest overhead costs make it possible to take creative risks, to explore new markets and to allow directors to take the time to develop challenging projects.
Cassette for timescapes has built up a long relationship with a number of freelancers that answer the specific needs of a project. The company has a long relationship with film funds, broadcasters and festivals in the film world but also with companies in the humanitarian world like IOM, Missing Children Europe, 11.11.11, and with companies in both these worlds like Britdoc’s foundations.

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