La Bolina

Updated: 9/13/2018

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We are a collective of people from Europe, West Africa, South America and the Middle East who live in the rural village of Saleres, Valle de Lecrín, Granada, Spain. We have diverse identities, legal statuses and professions. What brings us together is a shared vision around integration, sustainability and regeneration.

We run trainings in permaculture, agroecology and commercialisation for refugees and migrants in Granada. We are developing a cooperative of ecological enterprises based in El Valle de Lecrin including a La Bolina veg box scheme and consumer group. We also sell our produce at EcoSuper an ecological shop in Granada City. 

We met in summer 2016 on an Eroles Project residency in Spain where 16 people from all over the world gathered to create a project which offered an integrated and holistic approach to borders, climate change, new economy, human rights and migration. During these three weeks a shared vision and set of values emerged, along with a deep understanding of each other and a commitment to radical friendship, which resulted in the group deciding to live, work and develop La Bolina together.

In 2017 we won the LUSH Spring Prize Award, became an association and moved into our project base in Valle de Lecrin, Granada, Spain.

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