Give a Chance

Updated: 8/17/2018

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The organisation empowers young, 18-30-year-old underprivileged migrants to expand their social network and connect with employers. In the era of economic deprivation, many employers fail to understand the benefits of hiring at the local level and often employ cost-cutting strategies such as hiring seasonal workers from abroad. Give a Chance works to educate both employees and employers on the importance of local solutions to labor shortage and how hiring young unemployed migrants helps society on the whole.

Mohamed Yusuf, the founder of Give a Chance, was once a young migrant at the risk of social exclusion. Having experienced periods of unemployment,  discrimination in the workplace and labeled an at-risk student at school, Mohammed decided to turn his previously rocky road of integration to a story of success. He now helps others facing similar challenges by identifying individual skills and traits of each migrant job seeker he counsels and matches those skills and traits with the profiles sought by employers in the region. 

By providing individually tailored solutions, Give a Chance educates both migrant job candidates and local employers on matters of social inclusion, employability and the affordances of a locally healthy labor market. Give a Chance strives to erase power structures and cultural and ethnic bias to help nurture more equal and fruitful relationships between employers and employees through education and it shares the value of networking and utilizing networking for labor market integration. Give a Chance is a non-profit organization and does not charge any fees for its services.

Would you like to be part of creating the next success story of social inclusion? Please visit our website (soon in English) to find out more.

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