Fondazione Teatro Della Toscana

Updated: 7/31/2018

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It is an international centre of theatrical culture and it helds collaborations with companies, institutions and corporations both nationally, internationally. In 2015 it absorbs the Workcenter of J. Grotowski and T. Richards. the same year it is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Culture as one of 7 National Italian Theatres.

As a theater company, we have achieved worldwide acclaim since we began our work 1986 and we remain sought after at Universities and by researchers in the areas of anthropology, media studies and performance studies from Canada to Taiwan.
The Workcenter toured extensively through Europe for 4 years as part of the Culture 2000 Program. This project “Tracing Roads Across” was realized from 2003 to 2006 and brought the group to dozens of countries.
We have 6 full length films of different original pieces, others are still in production and still others exist in the form of fragments.
The Workcenter is still assisting in the edition of texts and talks of Jerzy Grotowski and was entrusted by him to take care of his legacy.
The Workcenter currently consists of three teams. The Focused Research Team in Art as Vehicle, The Open Program, and The Workcenter Studio in Residence. Each Team carries on research and creation in their own respect.
Since two years the Open Program is looking for ways to achieve impeccable quality while at the same time using the tools of the performing arts to make a positive impact in society. In this regards we have been successful to cerate contexts of encounters between different socioeconomic groups, different “races” different religions and even different forms of art. We are still developing this approach, but pioneering work has been undertaken in Austria, Brazil, Italy, Florida, Lebanon and NYC.

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