Nelson M46664 Human rights associatio

Updated: 7/22/2018

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Since 2015, there has been a growing anti-refugee and anti-migrant campaign in Hungary. There has been huge campaigns against migrants and refugees and anti- migrants/refugee publicity in the media. This has given rise to hate, fragmentation, fear, suspicion, rising social tension, populism and racism.There is an urgent need to address this situation with innovative thinking.

Our association is hinged on the life principles of equality, human rights protection and humanitarianism as propagated by the late Nelson Mandela. We use his prison number 46664 as part of the name of our organisation to show our commitment to the breaking of the chains of inhibitions and resilience. We propagate an inclusive society for migrants and refugees through the promotion of human rights, culture and other empowerment activities.

A recent expansion of our activities is the strengthening of democracies and the rule of law especially in developing countries.

Our latest innovation is the formation of the Hungarian Refugee Open Choir as a multicultural dialogue to counter the prejudices and social tensions that have emanated from renewed political policies of the government of Hungary

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