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With a environmental engineering background Andreas focuses on utilizing enhanced sustainable practices. He has joined the Department for the Environment of the Republic of Cyprus in June 2016 as an auditor in the team of Environmental Impact Assessment [EIA] after completing an M.Sc. in Design and Construction of Zero-Carbon and Ultra-Low Energy Buildings and an MA in Environmental Sustainability. Further to the environmental sector, his current involvement in several EU-funded schemes has developed his interest on research and entrepreneurship which has driven him in collaborating closely with the following two companies and founding an NGO.


BioEconomia was created to support businesses by integrating and consolidating them properly in the market by offering them comprehensive financial and technical advice in the context of sustainable development. It seeks the development of responsible entrepreneurship in order to catalyze changes in the real economy and make effective use of partnerships with universities and institutions, citizens' groups and established business models and professionals. With its well-known partners and our dynamic multi-disciplinary background, Bio-Economia provide our customers with services and solutions based on their needs.


the team is specializing in Big Data Analytics, informatics and Geo-informatics, Environment, Energy and Product Engineering, to help enterprises and local authorities to solve urban challenges in sectors such as environment, transportation, waste, water, safety, health, and energy.

Together Cyprus - Environmental & Social Voluntary Network

Our organization, Together Cyprus, has been established in 2017 and is currently the most successful network of volunteers in Cyprus, with Let's Do It Cyprus being the biggest volunteering campaign of the island regarding waste management with more than 46,000 volunteers in 2018. In cooperation with the Office of the Commissioner for the Environment, the Commissioner for Volunteerism and NGOs, along with more five hundred collaborations with NGOs, local authorities, academic institutions, public and private bodies, informal groups, etc., we aim to promote the ideology of volunteerism by developing beneficial synergies regarding up to date social issues.

ISO14001│ IEMA Accredited │ Green Key │ Green Office │ LEED Green Associate [In Progress] │ GIS │ Minitab │SPSS │ SAP │ PHPP 

  • USA IVLP - Corporate Social Responsibility Alumni 
  • Panelist at World Cleanup Conference | World’s Largest Civic Action
  • Climate Launchpad- National Finalist | World’s largest Clean-tech competition
  • Alpha Web Summit Acceptance | World’s largest start-up and entrepreneurship Summit
  • Scottish Funding Council Full Scholarship | Master of Science Degree
  • 2nd Place at Enterprise Gym |UoD Start-up Competition