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Updated: 4/26/2018

Solution provider


Our social enterprise, is focused in implementing cutting-edge technology in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, sensors enabled with low power, long range telemetry and utilization of the gathered data in IoT platforms.

Although our main focus is enabling the rural residents in using technology and the Internet of Things to their advantage in yielding better crop outputs through the means of precision agriculture and farming, our scope extends to a wide range of applications to make life easier through technology, especially in the more technologically challenged areas and regions.

Through our products, our know-how and our experience as a team, we are more than capable of designing and implementing viable solutions using microelectronics and software, never losing focus of the impact our solutions have on the environment and social ethics.

AgroID is focusing on creating viable solutions that are Socially, Environmentally and Economically sustainable. Regarding our primary focus, which is the use of precision agriculture technology in challenged regions, we design solutions that create a very self-sufficient family farm, giving producers more control and information on their crops. Farmers using our solutions can reduce the variable cost of manually getting their farms inspected. Moreover our solutions can be utilized for pest and blight identification, crop health and weed identification, decreasing the farmer’s inputs on fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and water distribution, reducing travel and fuel consumption also lowering their input costs and reducing stress on the environment.

Implementing new technology standards and efficient telemetry data acquisition, storage and processing in the rural and municipal area, is another scope of our products and services range. Our team members, have implemented fleet management solutions for garbage trucks fleets, they are working on recycling and garbage disposal projects for the public sector, they have provided complete solutions for parking lots and garages with the use of telemetry signage, electronic ticketing and fining for the municipal police and have worked on various projects in managing and organizing the daily workload cycle of municipalities for over 16 years. 

Our business model as a Social Cooperative Enterprise allows for the promotion of gender and social inclusion, lowering unemployment, rural businesses development, enabling the usage of IoT in areas other than large cities (rural), providing education to socially excluded and challenged population groups. Through these scopes, we provide opportunities and help in creating legitimate jobs that give a rural region the outlook for economic growth through the advantages of technology and social cooperation.

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