Bridge for Billions

Updated: 25/10/2018

Solution provider

Bridge for Billions is the digital ecosystem that connects early-stage entrepreneurs to growth opportunities. They offer a program based on three pillars: a top-notch methodology, the support of a personal mentor, and an international community of entrepreneurs to share their experiences with. Their mission is to to make entrepreneurship ecosystems more efficient, transparent and inclusive.

Entrepreneurship ecosystems worldwide are not inclusive and systematically exclude low-income, women, rural and minority entrepreneurs. This leads to a bias in which problems are resolved through a market-based approach, and we only develop solutions for the wealthiest customers. ​​

Physical programs have a limited mentoring capacity impeding them from providing individualized support to larger cohorts, hence size many times is inversely proportional to the quality of support. Most programs do not have a strong educational methodology behind them and focus on supporting the entrepreneurs with space, and local connections. Entrepreneurs are rarely taught how to think about their business, understand the “why” of their decisions, and challenge their assumptions.

We remove barriers, rendering incubation and mentoring affordable and accessible.

Bridge for Billions is a digital ecosystem that helps early-stage entrepreneurs with personal, practical, and peer support. Our collaborative platform guides them to develop and launch their businesses through an intuitive methodology without technical terms, and by connecting them with volunteer mentors who empower them to develop confidence in themselves and their decision-making and to obtain a clearer view of their businesses.

Our tool were designed for any entrepreneur, regardless of business acumen or educational level. They help them understand all the vital aspects of their business from Customer Segmentation to Stakeholders to Financial Projections, with a highly visual methodology and no jargon. The online nature of the platform and mentorship relationship allows these tools to be accessible to entrepreneurs regardless of their locations. As long as they have access to internet these tools are available for their use. We are committed to the idea that innovation and entrepreneurship should have no borders. We believe that location should not play a role in limiting the ability of an entrepreneur to receive mentorship, support or visibility.

Since March 2016, our product has been public and in less than two year as an online incubator we have expanded across the globe and have incubated more than 450 companies from 42 countries thanks to the help of 500+ volunteer mentors. The Bridge graduate entrepreneurs have already created more than 100 jobs and many of them have received funding and were accepted into post-incubation programs.

Additionally, this year we have starting working with entrepreneurship programs such as those of Ashoka Spain, Coca-Cola, Brown University, Yunus&Youth, ESSCA, EOI Business School, BlueBBVA, Bankinter, Impact Hub and few other organizations in several continents. We allows them to scale their entrepreneurship support thanks to our technology, both in quantity of projects supported and in geography (remote programs).

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