(Pitched: 12/22/2017)
Cocycler is a new “collaborative” waste management actor, highly involved in awareness raising, acting for the circular and local economy.

One Page Summary

cocycler brings collaboration in waste management

Cocycler is a new actor doing waste management in a collaborative wayWe raise awareness and help people and businesses get involved for the circular and local economy. We foster waste recycling by reducing logistics costs (sharing of storage spaces, reverse logistics), and bringing flexibility (on demand collection) .

to foster circular economy and PROMOTE eco responsible initiatives

Circular economy complexifies waste management : more types of wastes, more treatment types, more destinations... means more knowledge and more agility are required.

Municipalities need to deal with huge amount of wastes and therefore develop robust waste collection answers, rather than small scale tailor-made solutions... to the detriment of eco responsible-personal initiatives that could have emerged. 

with a collaborative, flexible and reasoned solution

These 3 principles combined make the solution environmentally friendly, economically acceptable, and attractive to its users.

Collaborative: allowing the reduction of logistics costs by sharing storage space and transport volumes;

Flexible: collection schedules are decided on demand;

Reasoned: thanks to the statistical analysis of the collected data, in order to better adapt the service to real needs, and identify ways of reducing costs upstream.

what do we do ?


...about waste sorting, and future of waste, improved by easy to use digital tools.


Collection rounds organisation. Remuneration of actors.

We set up partnerships that value the circular and local economy, material by material.


Two tools are developed to optimize traceability and user experience :

    - a field tool to simplify and speed up data gathering (origin, material, quantity, time, destination);    

    - an online ordering tool.


We generate operational, environmental and financial reports for the municipality and the users (easy to share on social networks) and can organize fun waste reduction challenges.

about cocycler and its founder

I am Taoufik Limami, a french engineer with a substantial experience in waste management. I am interested in sustainable innovation : Cleantech for circular economy, corporate social responsibility and smart-city.

From 2013 to 2015, I worked as a consultant on various industrial and sustainable projects, such as decentralized energy and waste valorization. Since then, my personal projects aim at accelerating the transition toward a circular economy.

Resume : École nationale supérieure des Mines de Nancy, Polytechnic school of the university of Sao Paulo - Startups, Engie and consulting for Veolia, Suez.