Garbage Crusher

(Pitched: 12/20/2017)
Our invention is a Garbage-flattening machine which crusher 90% of the total garbage – all the plastics, cans, carton boxes, bottles. Thus reduce the volume of the garbage in the bins, garbage collection costs (by at least 5-6 times), and educate people about the importance of of such action towards saving Planet’s resources and be green/environmentally friendly.

One Page Summary

Our Invention, the Garbage-flattening machine is safely to operate with, mechanical, durable and, manually operated by persons wanting to dispose of their waste and, be green/environmentally friendly.

The general public who would normally throw the plastics, bottles, cans, cartons as they are into the container would easily and safely operate with this machine in order to crush the items to a fraction of their original volume. The machine is designed for public bins, thus will have bigger impact than currently existing machines that crush only cans, one can at a time, used at home, by just few households.

It is capable to flatten 80-90% of the total garbage – all plastics, cans, carton boxes. It is easy to operate by children and women – no need to squeeze the items by hand.

The machine solves two problems for the city councils:

- The collection frequency and costs may be reduced by at least 5-6 times. If crushed at the collection point, six [6] times more waste will be able to be put into the same bin while today 90-95% of the garbage goes to the bins not flatten.

- To meet the problem with the increasing garbage volume, there is no need to place garbage bin next to garbage bin. Instead you can retro-fit our machine to the existing bins and reduce the CAPEX as the price of each machine is lower than the cost of a new bin.

Our invention is easy to implement by municipality administration - no need to plan major infrastructural changes. Quite on contrary – what’s needed to be done is just re-scheduling of garbage collection routes. In many cases re-routing is automated, done by software tools.

The machine has 5 Competitive Advantages combined versus all existing alternative solutions:

- Crushes mixed (90%) of garbage – cans, plastics, cartons
- Designed for public bins, thus larger impact
- Fits any bin size, retro-fit and new bins
- No need to touch the garbage after crushing
- Single action for the end-users, throw and crush at once

The machine is designed in a way using entertaining element to also educate our children in the importance of such action as well as saving Planet’s resources as an overall concept. 

The cleaning cost is negligible – it is self-cleaning to a great extent. The corrosion aspect is minimum. The machine would last between 8-10 years before any of repairs might be needed.

We already have laboratory prototype tested and negotiated with a manufacturer below market production price for the first 10 pilot machines.

I am pleased to present one of my design ideas as а business case worth investing in.

Would be happy to work together with your team.

William Ridden.