Manage your pro waste, like a pro.

(Pitched: 12/21/2017)
All-in-one waste management solution for downtown professionals, powered by a web based platform, in partnership with a network of local service providers for waste valorisation and treatment.

One Page Summary

Recoubra is a Marseille-based start-up, whose ambition is to scale circular economy schemes.

For the Innowaste challenge, we want to provide an all-in-one waste management solution, powered by a web based platform.

Downtown professionals order on-demand collection, and monitor their regular waste management contracts through an dedicated web app. 

Waste is then channelled through light-weight, downtown-friendly vehicles towards a local network of service providers for waste valorisation and treatment, gathering waste majors, local entrepreneurs, as well as charities or community and individual initiatives.

For the present challenge, Recoubra partners with Mathieu Ruilet, independent consultant and social entrepreneur, founder of the negaWaste initiative. Mathieu will head the facilitation and stakeholders’ engagement aspects, as well as the recruitment of “non-conventional” service providers (associations, charities, community and individual initiatives, pre-mature solutions).