Asbestos never again

(Pitched: 11/24/2017)
A definitive solution for asbestos containing waste

One Page Summary

Microwaste aims at solving, on an internation scale and in an environmentally friendly way, the problem of asbestos containing waste.
By means of its local subsidiaries, Microwaste will provide asbestos conversion into inert material by means of small-scale reactors, based on thermal technology. This treatment completely eliminates the carcinogenicity of asbestos itself, generating a secondary raw material marketable.
Technology was developed under 2 FP7 projects, funded by the EU, with a total R&D investment of 1,45 M€.
Market value in Europe is estimated in 1,7 B€; moreover, asbestos removals are expected to continue for at least 80 years.
In 2013, European Parliament stated that that landfills for asbestos waste are only a temporary solution to the problem, which is thus left to be dealt with by future generations, as asbestos fibers are virtually indestructible over time. For such reason, European Parliament stated that it would be far preferable to opt for definitive asbestos treatment plants.
Microwaste activities are then soon to become strategic.

- Finalist and Special Mention "Social Innovation" at StartCup Piemonte-Valle d'Aosta 2016;
- Climate-KIC Phase 1 and Phase 2 (25 k€ in reimboursements);
- "YEI Start in France" Prize organised by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.