Updated: 12/20/2017

Solution provider

Recoubra is a Marseille-based start-up, whose ambition is to scale circular economy schemes. We offer a comprehensive waste management service for all kind of professionals : from simple internal recycling systems for the smaller businesses to total turn key installations for larger ones.

We believe new waste management requires more expertises and more tools than ever.

As a result, we imagine a way for our customer to outsource this topic in order to focus on their activity and get access to better services.

Recoubra gathers a wide range of services (from innovative recycling scheme to reusing programs in partnership with charities), supported by a web app that offer a seamless experience of waste management to our customers.

We provide a tailored solution to reduce the impact on landfill while reducing costs and creating new revenue streams. We can also supply recycling equipment such as waste compactors and balers (outright purchase or leasing/renting plan)

For the Innowaste challenge, Recoubra partners with Mathieu Ruillet, independent consultant and social entrepreneur, founder of the negaWaste initiative. From his 12-years professional background in INGOs, Mathieu is experienced in fostering grassroots social and cleantech endogenous solutions, bringing them to market viability and scale. 

In the frame of the challenge, Mathieu will head the facilitation and stakeholders’ engagement aspects, as well as the recruitment of “non-conventional” service providers (associations, charities, community and individual initiatives, pre-mature solutions).

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