Updated: 07/04/2018

Solution provider

The leading accommodation booking website dedicated to people with limited mobilities and special needs

Handiscover (www.handiscover.com) is the first-holiday accommodation booking company dedicated to people with limited mobility including both the disabilities and the elderly. Sebastien Archambeaud, who has inspired by his son with a muscle wasting disease, found Handiscover in 2015 with an aim to enabling the people with limited mobility to discover the world. Handiscover has pioneered a classification system that enables consumers to select the best accommodations according to their mobility level in an effective way. By the end of 2017, Handiscover has grown the number of rooms from 2,500 initially to over 30,000 nowadays, and covered over 60 countries. In future, Handiscover will continue to expand its offers so that every consumer can find the right level of accessible accommodation at different price levels – whether it is bed and breakfast, boutique hotels, apartments or houses from private hosts.

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