Updated: 05/04/2018

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(Re)discover the world according to one's areas of interest

Activities such as restaurants, bars or museums are generally discovered on general lists, which are identical for everyone (Tripadvisor,, Lonely Planet, etc). Yet we are all different, and each one of us even has different desires along the day, the week or the year.
The digital platform SumWhere allows people to blossom according to their personality and passions thanks to a network of thematic maps. Each one of these worldwide maps contains activities linked by a common feature, with a classification into 9 categories (eat, drink, sleep, visit, etc) and further subcategories. The maps are made by experts like tourist offices or influencers, by communities like expatriates or boy scouts, by companies sharing distribution points or geographic storytelling, by relatives, etc.
The network of maps enables tourists and locals to switch between their areas of interest on the same platform, and to discover themes suggested by SumWhere regarding the thematic maps they already like. And a general platform linked to Google Maps allows people to get information on every activity in the world even if it does not belong to a theme.
SumWhere completes this strong personalization with trust (weighting of marks considering the geolocation of reviewers), enhanced content (possibly audio, video and virtual reality) and pertinence of reviews (assessment of key characteristics).

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